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## Recent blog posts 2018-04-02 / [One wierd trick for solving housing, infrastructure, and population all at once](/blog/one-weird-housing-trick.html)

New phone, who dis?

I'm Rob. I'm currently a software developer for the Australian Council of Trade Unions, building software that helps make society fairer.

Before that I worked on making government services better at Australia's Digital Transformation Agency, and on supercomputing data warehousing and analytics at New Zealand eScience Infrastructure.

My go-to tools are Python and PostgreSQL.

Technically, my main interest and specialty is at the intersection of database and application software layers: How to structure applications and databases to work better together.

Conference talks

I like to prove how glamourous I am by speaking about databases, data management, and other topics at various global conferences and local tech events.

date title conference location
2018-01-25 Unions: Hacking society's operating system Sydney
2017-09-08 Your database migrations are bad, and you should feel bad PostgresOpen San Francisco

Open source projects

I'm the creator of several open source software projects.

project description docs code
migra A schema comparison and migration tool for PostgreSQL docs github
sqlakeyset The only multi-column, multi-direction offset-free paging library for sqlalchemy github
logx Zero-config best practice python logging github
autovenv Automatic python version and virtualenv management github
csvx Better python csv file handling docs github
sqlbag Miscellaneous boilerplate for working with SQL databases github

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