I'm Robert Lechte, an idealist who wants more humanistic technology and a fairer society. I'm not actually a DJ, and not to be confused with Robert Lechte the swedish handball player.

My interest areas/hobby-horses:

User interfaces

I want to build radically different user interfaces, that remove the divide between users and programmers. I want development environments and operating systems that are instantaneous, interactive, and fully, pervasively programmable.

I want interfaces that don't constrain information artifically by trapping it within separate applications.

Databases, particularly migration tools

Technically, my main interest and specialty is at the intersection of database and application software layers: How to structure applications and databases to work better together.

I'm building a radically different migration tool because I believe the existing tools suck.

Right now I'm working on a startup: DatabaseCI, to solve problems with database deployments - we're automating test/dev/staging data

Democratic socialism

I want an end to poverty and a classless society, with Norway levels (at least) of public ownership and shared wealth. We should do a bigger welfare state, sovereign wealth funds, UBI, and publicly owned green energy. PS bernie woulda won

Recent posts

I write here and there mostly about the future of programming, and left politics.

published title
One simple design fix for the Olympic medal tally
A Python ORM for the ORM haters
Programs are a prison: Rethinking the fundamental building blocks of computing interfaces
Towards a convention for table ordering
Australia's super system is three trillion dollars of unused worker power
A Job Guarantee is a terrible idea
Choose your examples carefully

Speaking publicly

I talk at conferences and meetups occasionally, my preferred topic is more humanistic software. I also talk about databases, and sometimes even politics.

date title conference location
Instant-feedback, instant-debugging Python coding PyCon Australia
Your database migrations are bad, and you should feel bad
San Francisco

Open source projects

I'm the author of a number of open source software projects.

project description
A schema comparison and migration tool for PostgreSQL
Tabular data and SQL for people who don't have time to faff about
Multi-column, multi-direction offset-free paging library for sqlalchemy
Zero-config best practice python logging
Easily listen and process PostgreSQL NOTIFY messages
Automatic python version and virtualenv management
Miscellaneous boilerplate for working with SQL databases

If you use these projects, or if you'd just like to support the cause of open source software, and encourage further development, please consider supporting my efforts thru github sponsorship.