Continuous integration for Postgres databases.

The people behind migra are building a new service, to make it fast and easy to test applications using just-like-production databases.

You'll be able to:

Continuously integrate databases

Test every branch against an accurate copy of your production database, with no extra effort. You get staging environments that behave just like live.

Demo new features using real data from production

No more outdated or unrealistic data on test environments. Instead, you get an anonymised copy of production data that looks, feels, behaves and loads just like the real thing.

Automate database migration

Autogenerate, preview, manage, comprehensively test, and run migrations. Never write a Rails or Django migration again. Change your schema and push - you'll get a well-tested migration script automatically. Just review it, confirm, and you're done.

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We'll send out updates as it develops. We're also seeking beta testers to try it out and give feedback.